Shane Hess O'Neil collective works c. 2006 – 2014

THiNKERSMITH: Conceptual Design & Programming

(Apr. 2011; Sustainable Design Consultant; Eugene, OR)

THINKERSMiTH is a non-profit organization engendering digital empowerment and providing educational opportunities to the masses of Eugene. They focus on teaching computational and design thinking in a way that reinforces the fact that technology is about the user, not the device. This compels a design response that integrates the process of design into the resulting space and uses the space as teaching tool.

Striving to make this effort holistic, we’re pursuing a bold, radical environmental and design agenda. Beyond LEED – toward Net-Zero energy.¬†Perhaps more importantly, the goal is occupant comfort through ground-up, participatory sustainable design.

We envision THINKERSMiTH as a beacon of community sustainability, energy efficiency, and exemplar of design that elevates the pursuits of the individuals it serves.