Shane Hess O'Neil collective works c. 2006 – 2014

BUILD-OUT: 1940s Bungalow Addition & Redesign

(Apr. 2012; Designer: private residence, Springfield, OR)

400 square feet of renovations + 500 square feet of new floor space

The project scope included a new master bedroom suite with walk-in closet, new full bathroom, new built-in work area in each existing bedroom, and redesigned stair hall that is the connective tissue for the upper level.

Confronted with the demands of a growing family, the upper level of this bungalow required a serious re-evaluation. Previously a cramped, dark attic renovation including 2 bedrooms and 1/2 bath under the original gable the upper level stood to transform into a hub of household activity where parents and kids are able to be together when they want to and maintain privacy when they want it.

The small footprint of the house suggested a tightly knit arrangement of spaces with ample light, views, and a sense of openness at the top of the stairs. The spatial layout and massing supports stack-assisted night flush cooling and passive solar heating.

Programmatic elements involved in the daily routines of the family, such as the sink, toilet, and shower, are organized and developed to allow to a cohesive overlap of schedules and use.

Special attention was paid to articulating the new spatial volumes by creating functional spaces for individual activity along the edges and exposing structure at the underside of the roof.

In the stair hall this effort resulted in built-in storage, a study alcove, and wood-burning stove that frame the space. The clerestory windows provide access to daylight, views, and fresh air while exposed roof framing and cross ties imbue the space with a warm, natural aesthetic.