Shane Hess O'Neil collective works c. 2006 – 2014

Top Left w stuff atopHIGH-DESIGN, LOW-COST: Furniture for a Growing Family

(in progress since April 2013, Designer and Fabricator, for various private clients, Oregon)

A young, growing family has few options when it comes to well-designed and well-crafted furniture on a budget. Recalling mid-century modern forms and details, these pieces are an attempt to leverage a limited material palette and shoestring budgets to create lasting furniture – both aesthetically and functionally.

LOWBOY: Birch plywood surrounding Oak ply body and legs with hand-stretched canvas cabinet fronts and pegboard back panel. Reclaimed cabinet door hardware.

WRITING DESK: Birch plywood writing surface and drawer front over Oak ply legs and drawer body. Reclaimed drawer hardware.

LOW TABLE: Birch plywood tabletop on Oak ply legs.

BENCH FOR TWO: (Prototype) Clear Fir and Pine seat over Oak ply legs.

This collection will continue to grow as new commissions and new ideas arrive.

Side Back Detail comp

Front_DSCF2011 Side Drawer Closed_DSCF2034
Side Drawer Open_DSCF2039

Process_DSCF1553 Process Assembled_DSCF1801 Process Assembled_DSCF1805 Process Assembled_DSCF1804Short Table Side w Toddler_DSCF2063Short Table Side_DSCF2053Short Table Bottom_DSCF2089

Bench Front_DSCF2098